As part of the preparations for this coming season we had the soil in the garden tested. A little sample was sent to the UMass Amherst soil testing laboratory. They sent back a detailed report noting, among various things, the pH of the soil as well as levels of various nutrients. So how did we do? The short answer is we have excellent soil. All of our nutrient levels are in the high to very high range. The pH is normal and the levels of heavy metals are within normal rates for soil (i.e. very very low). The report goes through all the details with a lengthy two page explanation of each measurement.  I would encourage you to peruse it, if only to get familiar with the terminology.

This result means that our soil has reached a very nutritious stage and probably doesn’t need large scale addition of compost anymore. The important thing now is to maintain these levels and fill in the soil when it gets low in a bed. We’ll continue to send off samples every year so we can keep track of the soil health.